Make Money Online with AuctionAds and Blogger

Maybe some of you have already figured this out but i thought i'd try and educate those that have yet to discover this. To be honest, i just figured it out myself a few days ago while sitting in my pontoon. So basically, if you have yet to sign up with AuctionAds then you are missing a lot of Revenue potential.

1. Sign in to your blogger account: blogger sign in

2. Next while in your blogger dashboard, click 'layout' (note: if you have already updated your blogger blog site template then you will be automatically sent to #3 'Page Elements')

blogger layout

3. Next, while in 'Page Elements,' click on 'Add a Page Element'


4. Once the page elements window open, select to add HTML/ Javascript to your blog.


5. Next, just add your element title and the AuctionAds code to the 'Content' area and select 'Save Changes.'


6. Now remember, the page elements (shaded areas) are movable, so you can move each page element around until you are happy with the design yourself. This is very simple.


Tip: Depending on your niche, the '120x240' serves as the perfect size for your sidebar if you wish to only showcase one product at a time. I have had more success with this ad size than the '120x600' and '160x600.' Try it out and try Auctionads while you're at it... For more tips on optimizing your revenue potential with AuctionAds checkout this post (Make More Money Online with AuctionAds). For more reasons to try AuctionAds you may be interested in this posts (Reasons to use AuctionAds).

I hope this helps you Blogger users... if you have any questions please feel free to ask...

2 Responses to “Make Money Online with AuctionAds and Blogger”

  1. Forest Parks 24 July 2007 at 1:17 pm Permalink


    I was strangely just looking for new advertising and earning streams and you posted right at the right time.

    I just signed up and added it and will report at some point about my success.

  2. Blog Money 24 July 2007 at 9:52 pm Permalink

    Definitely keep me posted… I think i may start to add my AuctionAd stats as well.

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