Reasons to Make More Money With Auctions

  1. You can easily take advantage of the lucrative eBay affiliate system in literally 3 minutes or less.
  2. You can easily earn more revenue geo-targeting your traffic to reach both your international and local audiences.
  3. You can utilize the huge inventory offered on eBay attacking both large and small niches.
  4. You can easily gain full editorial control to match your sites content, niche, or offer products from other niches that may interest your visitors.
  5. You are automatically signed up for the AuctionAds publisher referral program where you can earn even more money online.
  6. You get net-0 payments, get paid at the first of every month instead of waiting 10 to 40+ days to get your money.
  7. You have control to open your ads in a new window with a easy and very simple click.
  8. You can leverage the highest tiers of the eBay affiliate program (see how to fully optimize your AuctionAds code)
  9. You get additional revenue streams and the freedom to run AuctionAds with any PPC program of your choice (Google Adsense, YPN (Yahoo Publisher Network), visit the monetization page, for more monetization options).
  10. Your site gets good looking ads that relate to your site page's content and or niche.

source AuctionAds Blog

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