Meditative State of Mind

Meditative State of MindIf you are new to meditation then sit back and learn about how the brain plays a powerful role in your controlling your reality and environment. Normally when people speak of good health, they tend to focus on healthy eating, living, and exercise but very few people talk about exercising the mind and the brain, if the body is the temple then the brain is the foundation that must be feed, exercised, and well rested. Kind of brings a new meaning to a 'New York State of Mind,' in other words you don't have to be in New York to maintain your NY mindset. Did I just grab your attention?

In fact, focusing on our thoughts and developing a healthy brain assists you with balancing your emotions, creating a happier life, reaching your spiritual goals, reaching your entrepreneur and blogging for money goals, this is where your brain waves come into action as your subconscious mind is a key part to making real change in your life of fulfillment.

Brain Waves and How They Affect our Mind State

We all have five brain wave frequencies, the Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta and Gamma brain wave frequencies, and each frequency is measured in cycles per second (Hz) and has its own set of characteristics representing a specific level of brain activity and a unique state of consciousness.

Beta Brainwaves

Beta brain waves can be measured at 14 - 40 Hz and are associated with normal waking consciousness and resembling that of an engaged mind, which is highly alert and well focused.

Beta activity is quick-connect, fast activity and tends to dominate the normal waking state of consciousness when-attention is directed towards the outside world

Typically detected in the frontal lobes (where decisions are managed), Beta is usually seen on both sides of the brain in geometric distribution. It may be absent or reduced in areas of brain damage. It is generally regarded as a normal rhythm and tends to be the dominant rhythm in those who are alert, anxious or have their eyes open. These brainwaves are often engaged when the brain is aroused and processing conversations, problem solving, and anything that commands your definite attention.

Alpha Brainwaves

Alpha brain waves can be measured at 7.5 - 14 Hz and are slower than beta and can represent a relaxed awareness in the mind. This rhythm is seen when the brain sets itself to rest or reflect. Alpha rates are increased by closing the eyes and relaxing, yet are offset by opening one's eyes or any concentrated effort.

Alpha is usually best detected in the frontal regions of the head, on each side of the brain. Alpha is the major rhythm seen in normal relaxed adults and is typically regarded as the common relaxation mode beyond the age of 13. These alpha brainwaves move towards deep relaxation, intuitive thinking and imagination, accompany's meditation creating relaxation, recovery, and commanding attention away from outside distractions.

Theta Brainwaves

Theta brain waves can be measured at 4 - 7.5 Hz and often indicate drowsiness, daydreaming, the first stage of sleep or 'indirect' imagination/thinking. Theta activity is not often seen in awake adults (unless engaged in a meditative practice), but is perfectly normal in alert children up to 13 years and in most sleep.

A Theta state can be regarded as a gateway to hypnagogic states that lay between being awake and falling asleep. Often Theta entrainment can promote vivid flashes of mental imagery as one becomes receptive to brain/mind information beyond one’s typical conscious awareness. Theta has also been identified as a part of learning, memory and reductions in stress.

Delta Brainwaves

Delta brain waves can be measured at .5 - 4 Hz and can reveal deep sleep or slow-wave 'background' thinking. Much like bass sound, Delta tends to be the highest in amplitude and the slowest waves. Delta is often associated with deep sleep. Certain frequencies, in the delta range, have been shown to trigger the body's healing and growth mechanisms.

Interestingly, Delta is the dominant rhythm in infants up to one year, as well as stages 3 and 4 of dreamless sleep.

Gamma Brainwaves

Gamma brain waves can be measured above 40 Hz –  This brain wave has recently been discovered and can be notified as 'The Wave of Insight.'

Gamma brainwaves are possibly the fastest frequency and although little is known in regards to this state of mind, there is research that shows the Gamma brainwaves can be associated with high-level information processing and bursts of insight, possibly something that can be categorized as a spiritual awakening or possibly De Ja Vu.

One Frequency is not Enough

It is important to note that the brain does not operate on one frequency range at any given time. All rates occur at once at varying amplitudes.

A good analogy would be to relate each brainwave state to a sting on a violin. All of the strings make notes, yet one or more strings can dominate the overall sound at a greater volume.

The brain is possibly the most important muscle that you must nourish and protect in order to reach your full potential, through meditation you can achieve this by utilizing the brainwaves and the intelligent circuits and frequencies that already function within you. Meditation is the program/healthy habit that will truly train and build your mental muscle for the fulfillment of the best you the world has yet to see.

Enjoy 😉


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