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This is my response to a personal Email from a friend (Of course i will not post the emails or email sent to me out of respect for the privacy of the author, I will only post my responses, minus names, and other private information)

Message to a friend... Girl Troubles...
Womans BodyThe female body is something wonderful, the shape, the curves.. there is nothing sexier on this earth nor is there anything like it. So fascinating, you have to touch it, study it, look if not stare at it, it leaves you wanting more... So irresistible, especially when she walks away from you with a sexy grin on her face after thinking something naughty, perfection at its finest... no wonder why most of us find ourselves in trouble.

Every once and a while you have to be desired, you have to be twice as mysterious as she is. The thing about guys is that they are easily amused and easily pleased. The key is to be different, different is better in this case. Women are complicated and should never be studied because they will eventually drive you crazy, they are too complex to fully understand them. My advice to you is to listen, always pay attention because within the verbs and nouns there are messages.

Most men think women don't wear their hearts on their sleeves because she packs a mean look on her face. Even the hardest of them all, wants to be cherished every once and a while. The key is to listen and pay attention, always pay attention to what is being said and most importantly to what is being done. A women's non-verbals speak more than her words... Let me say it again, A women's non-verbals speak louder than her words... Believe none of what you hear and half of what you see, this is with all people but with women i feel it really applies when there is one that catches your eye.

So be a man, and be honest and upfront, confident but not cocky, not jealous but confident. If you don't understand ask ?uestions before jumping to conclusions and gain a sense of humor. You tend to let things build and get the best of you, but i ask you this, do you love her?

This answer is important and easy to answer, most people complicate this part of life, but you can usually tell within the first couples of weeks if things are getting serious.

I have a love for women, although they play games and are never really upfront... you gotta love it, their scent alone is an aphrodisiac, a smell that haunts and captures our senses. As a good friend once told me, take it easy, let them all go and move on... I think you should listen to her advice... it's time to get a hold of your own peace of mind...

--- end message ---

*permission was granted to share this message...

TOP TEN SEXY THINGS ABOUT A WOMEN (From a womans perspective)

1. Base of the neck (where the necklace falls)

2. Small of the back
3. Nice legs
4. Nice End (backside)
5. Cut Shoulders
6. Cut Arms
7. Shape of the Foot
8. Eyes
9. Eye lashes
10. Little bit of Clevage (not like hello ladies)

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