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[My response to a question/ concern about honesty]

Friendship KittensOk so... I'm not the one to shed my troubles upon anyone and people are normally snakes anyways so my troubles will be their gossips and whispers amongst each other and we don't want that. It is pretty interesting, the human senses, emotions and mind.

You sort of have to wonder why people do the things they do. However, in most cases I think people today are just naturally taught how to be selfish and are genuinely confused. Taught to fight for what they believe in but within reasonable silence (nonviolent - remember, marching for a cause gets you awareness, action makes change), be aggressive and persistent but practice restraint... in other words it's all garbage... Let me illuminate your mind and force feed your brain for a minute...

Most people are selfish and while in the midst of "acting" as a friend they always have their own interest in mind. However, there is hope. There are those that are genuinely friendly, we call them true friends. Loyalty, trusting and blunt within reason to build you up, not tear you down. In contrast, there is no such thing as "Pure kindness" or "Pure Innocence." Well, everything that is "pure" is tainted within time and age. I'm an optimist at times, but I have more faith in the things I hold dear to my heart then in mankind. We have an appetite to destroy and rebuild just to destroy again.

You know what you have to do,  the signs are all there. The best thing you can do is be straight forward and ask questions. Confusion is not a fun trip to take down a long path. Save yourself time and energy. Actions don't lie, they speak louder than words.

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