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So it is no secret that music motivates and gets the adrenaline pumping. Well, I felt like working out and getting my blood flowing (that's what i get for hitting the sack at 5am). Just recently, i heard that in life there is no time to relax and settle unless you have made it. Personally, i feel a great sense of achievement in my life but i have not maid it yet... so like i tell my better half, "i'll sleep when i'm dead,' yeah she doesn't really care too much for that phrase.


So this is the music that has motivated me today, I'm a big hiphop and graf head. I believe that if you were to map out your life with a personal soundtrack, your musical choices will say a lot about you. So, although i agree that math is a universal language, music is a close third under 'dineros,' cash money, moola, cheddar.


Well, here my top 5 Tracks of the day:


  • Tasmaniam Pain Coaster
  • Artist: El-P
  • Album: 'I'll Sleep When You're Dead'
  • Note: If you know about Company Flow then you're familiar with El-P and his style. El-Producto one of hip-hop's finest lyrically and production wise. I mean, this guy is really real and with two hiphop classics under his belt an army of Definitive Jux artists behind, it's no wonder why ever album just gets better.
  • 9 Crimes
  • Artist: Damien Rice
  • Album: 9
  • Note: If you ever get the chance to see Damien Rice live... GO!
  • Music Sample [9 Crimes]
  • Trying to Find a Balance
  • Artist: Atmosphere
  • Album: Seven's Travels
  • Music Sample [Trying to Find a Balance]
  • June
  • Artist: RJD2 ft. Copywrite
  • Album: Deadringer
  • Music Sample [The Horror]
  • Emperor's Soundtrack
  • Artist: Lupe Fiasco
  • Album: Food & Liqour
  • Music Sample [Emperor's Soundtrack]
  • Strict Machine
  • Artist: Goldfrapp
  • Album: Blackcherry
  • Music Sample [Strict Machine]
  • Sinnerman
  • Artist: Felix Da Housecat & Nina Simone
  • Album: Verve Remixed
  • Music Sample [Sinnerman]
  • End to End Burners
  • Artist: Company Flow
  • Album: End to End Burners/ Krazy Kings

I apologize for the vids but i figured if they motivate me then they may touch someone else... Cheers and have a great weekend...



Oh! Wait... So what music motivates you? What are your 'Top 5' or 10?

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  1. Kenji 14 November 2015 at 8:03 am Permalink

    Julia,How cool are you! You are rather young to have such an aporiciatepn for one of the masters. Nice to know we have something in common. I had all his albums when I was younger. And I mean vinyl albums. Wore them completely out.

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