My Backyard — Update

Here is a quick update... I've been a blogging machine these last few days and i must admit once sit down to write a lot of things clear up and seem to come into play. Hence, like domains that are selling... wth?

Sites/ Domains Sold
I am by no means a domainer or an expert domainer by any circumstances but i sell a few domains and have yet to break into the big numbers. Ideally, you want to get into the big numbers but then again playing fair in the sandbox is prohibited when you dive in with the big dogs.

Regardless, sold four domains, two sites and three domains are currently pending. The pay off is decent but i'm a premature type of seller. This basically means you're getting a deal. Yeah, i realize that with some projects and i'm ok with it.

Found a New Backyard to play in

So today i found a new blog, and guess what... this is his personal blog is based on the life of Ja Kel who posts Daily. Yeah, i can get pretty smooth at times...

Ja Kel Daily is a pretty cool spot with tons of fun and interesting information for bloggers and those that are savvy enough with the know how to apply some techniques to their own online shops. I don't like to be very critical about other people's creative endeavors i think it's great to see other people doing what they enjoy and making money.

He also does sponsored site reviews and mini blog reviews for those that are willing to give back, i think this is very kind of Ja Kel with a PR5 along with the information his blog provides you tend to get a lot for close to nothing but time. Why not boost your traffic efforts by writing a small blog review of

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  1. Jason Neuman 30 June 2007 at 9:40 am Permalink

    Thank you and your link is active batch 17

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