My Letter to the Working Class

Ok well... maybe it's time that i force some of my advice on you...

well where do you want to begin? hmmmm...
So i've been thinking much about time and life lately. Time because it's never enough and life because it flies by when you think you have just enough to complete your day and then SMACK! (sound effects needed) and there you are preparing for bed with a ton of other smaller projects unfinished. So what does that make you? A procrastinator? Lazy? Unmotivated? Unaccomplished? What?

Well i'll tell you a secret... some of us are already labeled as the aforementioned titles. Some of you might just be that, lazy and unmotivated or unaccomplished. Not everyone breaks their back for someone else or for a dirt job. The point being is that life is passing us by. What will it say on your gravestone? Here lies so & so, a great employee, a great worker, a good Monday morning friend by the coffee machine. Wtf? Yeah that's what i just said... no clue... Well, what the hell are you doing? Blaze a path for yourself and offspring.

Do you know how many of us are plagued by poverty, or the spirit of unsuccess, some even death. Guess what maybe it's not your fault, maybe you're just a product of your environment or the previous generations in your family tree. Not all families were founded on gold mines or understood the importance of imports and exports. So why not do something about it? Why not blaze a path for yourself? Improve your life, and the time is better than ever before. What do you have to lose? Your career? Your job? Keep it, but work towards something you want.

I'll tell you another secret... YOUR JOBS ARE KILLING YOU!!!! as well as your careers.

What will your gravestone say? You were a great person but missed out on the great things that life has to offer? Stop living to make someone rich... Learn to live for yourself... In fact, look at some generations... they are fighting for their independence... No, not in a third world country, hell, they've been fighting for years, but in the states... All the pain, the hate, the want to seperate themselves from the world, from their rents (parents)... it's sad and needs to be addressed... so i'll address it... Tomorrow...

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