Online Gaming A New Medical Condition

gaming.jpgThe AMA (American Medical Association) along with the APA (American Psychiatric Association) classifies video game addiction a mental disorder. I don't see it but if the American Medical Association says playing video games for hours among hours is a medical condition, i'm sure there will be a new drug out to combat this mental disorder.

The concern lies with those that spend an excessive amount of time playing video games/ multiplayer online roleplaying games tend to lead to "social dysfunction/ disruption." The significance of classifying excessive gaming as a mental disorder lies in the ability for medical professionals to be able to classify the patients, and do better research on the disease.

However, will health insurers fully recognize the disorder enough to cover the cost of therapies, meds, ect.? It sounds like a win for pharmaceutical companies and the medical professionals, but is classifying excessive video gaming as a mental disorder the right move?

I can remember sitting in front of my TV playing my Nintendo for hours, well, excessively... and my parents pulling me away forcing me to go outside. All i wanted to do was complete the level... Well, I guess today it must be different as there will soon be a drug to help cope with excessive gaming... oh wait, there are drugs already in rotation for social dysfunction/ disorder. Well, i guess this allows the legal drug dealers a means to produce more drugs for the good of mankind.

I swear, when the revolution comes we'll all be too doped up to do our part... I'm just kidding about the revolution, it wasn't televised so i most likely misssed it...

The funny thing here is, the media is so interesting, after airing that the AMA classified excessive gaming/ online gaming as a mental disorder it aired a story on how kids can make more money at home playing video games then going to get a summer job. This confuses me, as i am sure it confused a few others... talk about sending a message...

American Medical Association
(AMA) -- Founded 1847, incorporated 1897 is the largest association of medical doctors and medical students in the United States. The AMA's mission is to promote the art and science of medicine for the betterment of the public health, to advance the interests of physicians and their patients, to promote public health, to lobby for legislation favorable to physicians and patients, and to raise money for medical education. [source wiki]

American Psychiatric Association (APA) -- The main professional organization of psychiatrists and trainee psychiatrists in the United States, and the most influential world-wide. Its some 36,000 members are mainly American but some are international. The association publishes various journals and pamphlets, as well as the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, or DSM. The DSM codifies psychiatric conditions and is used world-wide as a key guide to diagnosing disorders. [source wiki]

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