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Yes, I know the blog has been a little slow and i am slowly working on building it back up, post wise. That may not have made much sense, a lot of 'slows' floating around in this post. Don't be alarmed, i'm not abandoning The Beef Jerky Blog but life has come, once again interfering with my posting and I must keep things rolling.

So as some of you know, I just bought a house for personal living not investments and once again i'm mowing a yard (my yard but still). I thought then, when i left Georgia I would never mow another yard again. The house we lived in was too big for my liking and the yard was just a pain but i figure why pay someone to do that which i can? Never really made sense to me.

We are still currently #2 on the list of the subdivision's ugliest yards and I'm afraid to say that we may just float to #1 within a few weeks. Once spring hits I will have to redo the whole yard (front and back) and improve on it's curb appeal so when we go to sell it within a year or two (well, maybe a small investment.. haha).

My wife and i are expecting our first child, it's a boy and all is charmingly hectic in our household at the moment because the little guy is scheduled to come next week but he may just come a few days earlier.

Work, work is slowly improving... I'm currently training a staff of 35 and it's looking a bit up for now, until management and the execs interfere (i plan, implement, and design trainings of all sorts and engage in business development)... I'm just a super trooper meow... alright meow... what else is there?

What's going on in your life?

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  1. betshopboy 15 September 2007 at 11:39 am Permalink

    Congrats for soon becoming a first time dad!!!

    Welcome to the world of nappy changing, midnight milk feeding, The fun has just got started….I’m speaking from experience and loving every minute of it.


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