Personal Update

large fuf chair cubeWell, with the arrival of my son and new business coming my way, not to mention my new developmental projects I have been taking some time away from the blogs that I author and guest author.

In case some of you haven't noticed that the number of posts have sort of declined tremendously. Again, I apologize but when life takes a toll on  you and directs you in other areas of your life, as an entrepreneur, naturally you tend to become more flexible than you were yesterday and things tend to work out (not always how you wanted but how they are suppose to) in one way or another.

Lately, I have a few online developments and partnerships taking place...

*** In fact, I'm in need of a programmer or developer... so if you are interested please get in touch with me. You must be able to provide samples ***

*** Flash programmers/ developers needed for short project. ***


Back to the update. I'm not to fond of letting people in on what i have going on but i tell you what, if my ideas can pan out as expected then this current project should be a great success... and I'm talking cash wise.

Domains for Sale

So at the current moment i have a few domains that I am looking to get rid of, if you are interested just contact me via the contact form:


Alright... I'm off to another meeting and Have a Ghoulish Happy Halloween to you all... be safe...


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