Personal Update

Ok,... ok... A quick update of what's going on... I have been so busy lately that this blog is currently a victim of the time constraints that life has on most of us. I have been in development mode creating site after site and attempting to increase my online income, and so far my ecommerce ventures are proving to be very helpful in this area but I'm looking to increase my online income in other ways (affiliate marketing).

Besides the online ventures, my son is doing great and is one of the grumpiest babies that i have ever seen, it's really amazing and fun though, he smiles on occasion but you really have to catch him in the act, because once you say anything about him smiling it suddenly ceases and he frowns at you. It's awesome...

My house no longer has the ugliest yard in the sub division. Mainly in part because lately it has been snowing like crazy, however, I have all sorts of foot prints and slide markings throughout my backyard, so apparently someone is having fun in my yard, but it's all good.

Thanks to Ms. Danielle for the mention on her blog, and to Prija from BloggingTheMovie for the link love (will post it soon).

The Comfort Contest 

Has officially ended, we are no longer taking entries at this time... The winners will be selected this Friday (the only day i have to myself without vendors and manufacturers bugging me). Please be patient with the blog reviews they are coming but everything will take time.

Thanks again for all the support and love to the site...


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