Podcast it (Blog Marketing Tip #14)


This tip is no dark and coveted secret, in fact it's pretty basic and widely used amongst most bloggers with small and larger sites. The concept is brilliant and i can't help but to ask myself, 'why didn't you think of that?' or 'why haven't you tried it yet?' Well, my friends, the answer is simple... Podcasting is not for everyone including myself. I've hosted my own radio show before and guest starred on a few in the past, even had the stomach to recite spoken word poetry across the air waves but yet and still podcasting is not for me.

Know Your Limits

My limits are set and if i was to ever go the route of producing a podcast then I would definitely use another person to be the voice of my podcast. Someone with a great radio personality, it just so happens i have an employee that i think would be perfect for the spot. Still not for me.

The importance of knowing your limits is not just for the sake of your readers and listeners but for yourself as well. Why take on more than what you are use to handling? Stick to what you know and allow others to help you in the areas in which you are not familiar. This is why you should never trust a person who calls themselves 'Self-made.' Everyone has help along the way in some shape or form. Know your limits and react in a proactive state.

For those with experience feel free to pipe in. I will not even try to go out of my square and tell you how to improve or produce a quality podcast. Instead I feel it's important that i remain true to the title of this post, 'Podcast it,' and keep it simple.

My Thoughts

Podcasting your blog can help you break the mold and introduce your blog to increased traffic, readership, and in some cases even blogger fame. Podcasting your blog can do wonders when attempting to reach more readers and to keep your current readers interested and engaged.

Start by taking your blog's most popular posts and use them as a basis for your first couple of shows. Expand on the popular posts with more examples and detail. If you are talking about making money, offer your readers/ listeners one of your widely used secrets. If you are talking about increasing traffic and SEO via black hat, grey hat, white hat then share a secret of yours that you often use to build up your site's traffic and rank.

This will keep your readers/ listeners engaged and wanting more. As long as your podcast is offering quality advice and assistance listeners will subscribe and listen and possibly help you out a little by advertising your site to their friends and co-workers.

Take some time to upload your podcasts in MP3 format on to your site and offer it to your readers as an option, this will help your readers stay connected to your site while on the road (which can help with word of mouth publicity as well). Look at some sites such as StevePavlina.com who offers readers an audio option of what they can expect from his site (not as a blog post alternative).

You on the other hand, can offer an audio option of what readers and listeners can expect from your site, but I would rather offer the option of allowing readers to read or listen to each post. Although time consuming, your readers who are always on the go now have a reason to take your site and content with them.

This blog tip is pretty basic. Podcast your blog to the world. Why not? Look at Yaro's Blog Mastermind Blueprint, offered in both formats audio and ebook. It's possible, and it can work with the right marketing and efforts you can achieve greatness and grow your blog site to bigger heights.

Has anyone attempted to add audio to their blog site? What was the result? Has it helped or not at all?

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2 Responses to “Podcast it (Blog Marketing Tip #14)”

  1. Brad V. 17 September 2007 at 7:17 pm Permalink

    Great post! And it couldn’t have come at a better time. I’m actually working on producing my very first podcast for my blog. I’m excited about giving my readers an option to listen to some content while on the move!
    You offered some great tips, especially using some of the top posts as a jumping off point for the first few podcasts!


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