Quick Blog Update

beer.gifSo i added this 'Buy me a Beer' Plugin a few weeks ago before my trip to see the mouse but never set it up... Well, guess what... it's up and running, so feel free to buy me a beer if you enjoy the site or a particular post. For each person that buys me a beer, gets a link back to their site just a small thanks for your support, an idea i got from money maker John Chow.

So i hope you enjoy some things that i have in the works... I'm launching a new section for the blog, 'Blog Series' which will host a couple of life series, in the life of jerkybeef and a few other guest bloggers. So check back...

Just Some Great Plugins:
1. Akismet Plugin
2. Google Analytics Plugin
3. Mighty Adsense Plugin
4. Show Top Commentators plugin
5. Sociable Plugin (social site plugin)

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