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Now is see how managing a blog can be seen as a full time thing... if only TBJB paid like a full time job all would be good. So as you can see the blog has obvisouly taken a turn and is not longer all about beef jerky and the different types of jerky. However, i am still talking to people about selling beef jerky on the site. Hell why not... MORE DOMAINS ADDED

I have some content cooking to help some folks work on losing those extra pounds before summer. You don't really have much time at this point but by working hard you can reach your goal. I'll share with what i'm doing:

Good diet:

Because i'm on my way to Florida for a few weeks to hit the keys and Miami Beach, hopefully cuba too but you didn't hear it from me... My diet is a high protein diet with vegetables and lean meats (turkey, lean beef, venison (a lot of Jerky), and chicken) broiled or grilled never fried. My workout is a bit tense on some days and light on others. Every Mon., Weds., and Friday I workout my arms, crunches between down time and then cardio. Tuesday and Wed, I work out my chest and legs, crunches between downtime and then some more cardio. Followed by a protien shake...

So far all has been working very well for me... to each his own... do what works for you...


I still need a damn designer but i think i may have come across something else more workable and now i need a programmer but i have one from back in the day that i use to work with. So the projects are taking me away from building an online network.

Work and more work... with spring on the rise shops are in need to be updated and then some need to launch, like yesterday... man... i was not expecting all this...


One of my favorite stocks just hit it's 52-week high today... good beans we'll see where this takes me in a few months...

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