Run A Blog Promotional Contest (Blog Marketing Tip #6)

This is part of the ‘23 Blog Marketing Tips’ series.

Running a blog promotional contest on your site is an easy and very effective method of driving new traffic to your site, discovering new readers and keeping your current readers interested.

What to Give Away?

In many cases offering money in exchange for a service, short review, subscribing to your blog feed, ect. is one way to get the ball rolling. Who will turn down a chance to win cash in exchange for a few minutes of their time? I don't know many people that would refuse writing a short review in exchange for $50.

However, the possibilities are limitless. For some great ideas visit our contest archives (opens in new window). Again, try to think outside the box and in terms of your limits. There is one blogger that offers a free Apple iPhone, a few bloggers that are currently offering Tim Ferris' 'The 4-Hour Work Week,' some offering blog reviews and page ranked link backs, and a ton that are offering MP3 players and t-shirts.

Again I will have to ask you, why not push it to the limits? If you are going to offer such a product why not have your blog site inscribed? This way regardless of where the item goes (towards another blogger's contest, ebay, ect.) your domain and blog site will still get some recognition and a possible boost in readership.

Marketing Your Contest

There are a few ways to market your promotional contest. For the sake of keeping things simple I will just highlight some effective ways to get the word out to the public and your readership:

Marketing your blog promotional contest online

1. Your blog site

2. PPC campaigns

3. Online 'Penny Pinchers' (cheap online magazines/ newspapers)

4. Online classifieds

5. Forums

6. Add links to your contest in your feeds

7. Create a free hosted blog / Squidoo lens promoting your blog's promotional contests

8. Submit your blog contests to 'Contest' niche sites: The Prize Blog, My Blog Contest, Blog Contests

9. Social networking/ bookmarking sites

Marketing your blog promotional contest offline

1. Talk about it to everyone and tell them to spread the word

2. Classified newspaper ads (look for cheap alternative papers, artsy local papers, ect.)

3. Create promotional flyers

4. Wear your t-shirts

The Wrap Up

Just think about it, you have what your readers need and although it may take a little extra effort to get them talking and linking back to your site it's well worth it in the long run. Don't feel as though you have to start big, try to start small with something that you can manage and then move up gradually. Remember 'ABC,' Always Be Closing? Well, CBP (Constantly Be Promoting) everything about your blog site and marketing your site to all. You never know your affiliate product may be just what they needed to get where they are wanting to go.

Think long term, not short term (we will be discussing this later). You want readers who will link back and talk about your promotional contest. There are sites still getting link love from all sorts of random sites. This makes your marketing efforts three times as easy. Three heads are always better than one, so imagine a ton of random heads working to give your site recognition and link love.

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