Saturday Readers Digest

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As it states some good ol' weekend reading that you are sure to enjoy!

The Beef Jerky Blog is a B-Lister and we are attempting to rock it well... So show some love and Technorati fave us... Ah! Don't worry, we aren't takers like some, we actually return the love...

A-List Bloggers Cleaning up, so basically if you have ever wanted to make money online blogging while at home in your jammies then do one of two things... 1) Read This Observation and Highlight (link opens in same window, don't be alarmed)

Looking for a little train action, seeking to share some love then hop aboard... Train #1 with a purpose | Train #2 also known as Contest #8... just in case you've missed you may be interested in visiting The Beef Jerky Contest Vault Just tell them the 'Real' Beef Jerky sent you...

If you liked 300, then you'll appreciate the 3 Entrepreneurial Things to learn, and I'm still feeling Social so you need to cash in while you can before i change my mind and go back into my cubby... are people that lazy? Don't complain about getting traffic to your blog site if you are afraid that people will actually read your stuff... Want some social networking? Get in the loop...

Other interesting reads...

I like beautiful women that talk about money, but no good news this week as my stocks are BOMBING! yet and still they just look too good to turn away... Do you like these beautiful ladies?

On a humor note...
This guy and his Pointless Banter just kill me... he's on the right track - Alpha Lesbians, The Queen Bees

On a Business Startup note...
Looking to start a membership site then let Yaro of Blog MasterMind be your guide to success - Every Bird Must Know How To Launch & Take Flight

Lost in translation and buried in a sea of SEO Jargon? Get SEOducated on the hip jargon that can save your online buisness... check your SEO glossary

Not necessarily business, but noteworthy indeed. Blogging is business and for some, big business so why not learn 5 ways to build it up? Well, Nate's got 5 ways to connect with other bloggers

On a Consumer note... oh wow, look at that... how funny...
Do you drive a Ford? Then you may really be interested in this Ford Consumerist Recall Posticle

Happy reading and take advantage of this weekend.. need some additional help let the everyday Weekender help you out...


4 Responses to “Saturday Readers Digest”

  1. sftopics 4 August 2007 at 10:04 pm Permalink

    Hi I faved you in my technorati, can you fave me as well?
    Here’s my link!


    • Blog Money 7 August 2007 at 11:53 pm Permalink

      yep… thanks.. i returned the fave… hope to see you soon sftopics

  2. Michael Fultz 7 August 2007 at 11:39 pm Permalink

    This is a great post! There’s a lot of information here, unfortunately, little time!

    • Blog Money 7 August 2007 at 11:51 pm Permalink

      Thanks Michael,

      I enjoyed the reads and figured everyone else would.


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