Saturday Update

More of a weekend update... Well, here we go, with some consideration, I am considering revamping a few things on this site such as changing my buy me a beer to buy me a coffee instead. I have that a couple of my 'Series posts' may have attracted a different crowd than i expected. Welcome! I am also considering changing the name from 'The Beef Jerky Blog' to something else, maybe my name for starters or to something more appropriate.

I think most people miss that this site was started with the intentions of serving the Beef Jerky market since we (a friend and myself) are working on creating our own brand of Jerky. Well, needless to say the site has taken a different direction and i must admit this direction has enlightened me. I'm meeting some really cool people and finding some really interesting things out about SEO and so on. Basically, i'm really enjoying the little bit of networking that this direction has allowed.

    Some people i wish to better connect with:

    DoshDosh - Awesome blog for beginners, a lot of information spelled out for you in simple formats, easy to understand and apply.
    Ms. Danielle - Very entertaining blog, a good read
    Cash For Comments - Checkout the The Beef Jerky Blog's review @ Cash For Comments. This 'Sneaky Bastard' as he calls himself, has a blog site where you'll get paid a free review for a few comments. Nothing much but a 100 word review, but regardless it's free... take advantage...
    Enkay - Which is a cool blog with a focus on just about anything from Technology to business to videos, the clean kind and just about anything else that he feels on blogging about. Check Enkay's blog out when you get a chance.

2 Responses to “Saturday Update”

  1. Enkay Blog 7 July 2007 at 10:28 am Permalink

    Hey there! Thanks for the link and I am going to add you to my list of link backs later today. I really really like the design of your blog and the idea of integrating the feedburner clicker into your header image and color matching it is really brilliant. Thanks again!
    – Enkay

    P/s – A suggestion would be to add MyBlogLog, it will almost instantly boost your readership

  2. CASH for COMMENTS 7 July 2007 at 2:20 pm Permalink

    Thanks for the link up. I hoped you enjoyed this promotion.

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