Should you Leave Blogger To Make More Money Online?

Lately, i have been contemplating on leaving blogger behind and moving a few of my blogs to their own domains for reasons i'm not really too sure to be fully honest.

What are some benefits of using
What are some benefits of moving away from

Besides the obvious saving money without domain and hosting costs, but besides that, are there any real benefits (page rank, alexa rank, ect.) of keeping your blog hosted and registered with

If i'm not mistaking your alexa ranking is generic as your site specifically is not being ranked but is ranked with an Alexa ranking of '16.' hmmmm... does this alter your ability to utilize other programs such as PayPerPost, ReviewMe, and others? Or have you found that these programs are becoming more accepting?

The benefits are clear of having two blogs that generate traffic between the both of them or using your blog to anchor traffic and send it to blog. I don't know someone help me out here... Anyone with a blogger hosted blog speak up, you know who you are...

I asked a few other bloggers what they thought:

It seems to have a better flow of readers who also use blogger----a bigger community. (This is what I see.) I like blogger, because it's relatively user friendly. The only time I will move my blogspot will be with my own personal domain name.
Deb, New York

I like Blogger because ... well, I'm still on the old Blogger templates, which were very configurable. And I like the Blogger interface.
Ghosty TwoFish

i love blogger coz its permits loads of modifications and its real easy to use

I use Blogger. I like it because it is easy to use and customize by moving page elements around, changing the fonts, etc. I am kind of a blogging Dummy, so the easier the better, for me.

it just can't get any easier, than with blogger. perfect for newbies and the technically challenged. (like me) i have 4 blogs on blogger, and my main
blog on WP.

I use Blogger and like it. The new Blogger is powerful and versatile, and best of all it's free.
Genevieve Netz

I like blogger a lot. I'm a decidedly non-technical person. so the ease of use is big for me, but I use two other platforms (WordPress and a dedicated platform) at work, and they're fine...blogger just seems much more intuitive to me and I feel like I can just get right to the point (writing the post).


I did not want to put all of the results and messages that i received about my blogger question in this post, that would have just been ridiculous as there are far too many. After going through all of the responses the main three reasons why people enjoy using sites such as blogger is because of the ease of functionality, versatility, and of course the free price tag.

Keep in mind that blogger is not the only free blog hosting service out there, but for the sake of the above questions we'll focus on blogger.

With the new implementation of the blogger elements, press and drag features it has made blogger less painful to monetize, even for the html challenged.

For those that like little charts and neat pie graphs, I thought about it but decided to dish the thought as there is just too much going on and the entrepreneur side of out lives is seemingly taking over and keeping us busy.

Free Blog Hosting - Limits owners creativity and monetization possibilities due to the TOS - 13,535,429 Blogs and Growing - 8135 Members - Not too sure about this one... if you have any experience let me know... - Same as above with this one
- The Most Popular indeed. - Never used this one... Anyone with experience?

Monetizing Blogger

With blogger (now owned by Google), believe that YPN ads are out of the question if you plan on running Adsense. However, when it comes to monetizing your blogger blog these resources continue to work and show great potential the greatest possible returns.

Adsense -This works because the ads are relevant to the content of the sites.

YPN - Ads are not always relevant, but pay per click rate was normally higher than Adsense, I can see this changing as my revenue has taken a turn south.

AuctionAds (see how to add AuctionAds to your blogger blog) - Highly recommended base on your sites content. If you have an information site this can be a godsend for you.

Prime example, earns an estimate of $40,000 a month online with only 39 subscribers and AuctionAds contributing up to 40% of's online revenue. That's an estimate of $16k a month alone from AuctionAds. I would say give or take...

SEOBook - Anyone with an SEO site or with a site that specializes in increasing site traffic can make some good money with this product.

Blog MasterMind - This is a fairly new program that I am recently testing at some of my other sites and i must say that the response has been decent and the potential to earn recurring payments is great motivation. If you have a site about blogging tips and Work From Home blogging, this will be a good source for you.

Text Link Ads - This is beginning to pick up as i just set it up properly... haha...

Remember, to each his own... what works for me may not work for you but feel free to braodcast your earnings in the comments area and service that you are currently using. It's always interesting to see what people are doing with certain programs.

Why The Beef Jerky Blog Does Not Broadcast Earnings

We feel that we are doing pretty decent with making money online, but a bulk of our loot does not come from this blog. Instead we make a lot of our money with our other online ventures. The Beef Jerky Blog is a great way for us to communicate with others on a more fun/ entrepreneurial level while keeping less than strictly business.

To Leave Blogger or Not

Well, you make the decision... Most people that i know use blogger as if it was a Squidoo Lens, so the choice is yours.

3 Responses to “Should you Leave Blogger To Make More Money Online?”

  1. mrsnesbitt 24 July 2007 at 8:13 am Permalink

    Wow! Wish I was technically minded!

    denise (yes, dumb blonde! LOL)

  2. Michael Fultz 7 August 2007 at 11:37 pm Permalink

    I don’t know. Free blogging is indeed a noble thing, but I would tend to take someone more seriously who had spent the dough to get their words out in the open. Know what I mean?

  3. OSX 15 August 2007 at 10:19 pm Permalink

    Sure, FREE blog platforms are good, but until you take your blog from a free platform to your own domain with hosting you wont generate as much revenue. I have found this with experience, taking blogs from blogspot to their own domains has been much more beneficial.

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