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So i signed up for PayPerPost or PPP as some may call it. I must say I signed up a while a go but recently received an email telling me to go to the site and login and get my blogging on. I was very thankful for that email, so PPP thank you, very much.

I enjoy this site and the opportunities that it presents to it's members. Hey, you get paid to post, how cool can it get? Why not get paid to do something that you spend most of your time doing anyways. Especially if this is your livelihood and you manage more than one blog or even if you just manage one blog, PPP would be ideal for you.

Now what i love about PPP besides the obvious 'get paid to post' concept is that it offers a great opportunity for beginners to make some extra money online and build their blog traffic by giving them the opportunity to advertise on blogs. It really doesn't get any easier than that.

So what are you waiting for… Beginners make money online as well as the experienced… I think it’s time to stop depending on Adsense to bring in the extra income… Diversify…

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