Super Bowl Sunday

wtf Chicago? With a strong lead in the first quarter while making Super Bowl history they messed it all up resulting in the final score of 29 (Indy) to 17 (Chicago). Yeah of course, regardless they will all see a pay check but they deserve an 'E' for effort or better yet an 'F' for poor effort... With $50 riding on Chicago to win and $50 riding on Indy to win, I guess in this instance i came out pretty good, $500 in pocket... Can't complain, but... hailing from the lovely state of Illinois myself i have a lot of love for the Chi-City and was hoping to see the city take home a prideful win. I guess it we'll have to leave it up to the White Sox (Yeah not a Cubs fan). See in Chicago you are either born a Cubs fan or a Sox fan. I never like the colors and could care less about the learning the players stats.

Jerky Products--

On another note... I will be adding some beef jerky products to the site shortly, so if jerky is your snack food of choice then stay tuned and bookmark us so you can grab some "Good Eats." We'll most likely stock jerky products ranging from big names such as Oberto, Jack Links, Detroit's very own Better Maid, Slim Jim, Damn Good Jerky and Pemmican to name a few.

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