Sweet As Honey at BarterBee

In the age of rising dues and listing fees, not to mention the secret “read between the lines” fees that sneak up on you. There is a site that allows members to barter for goods such as CDs, DVDs, and video games at the cost of points. Honestly, the site sounds pretty cool not to mention the plug they’ve received from NBC11’s TechNow as “Website of the Week,” Billboard, and The Wall Street Journal.

At BarterBee.com members engage in what may soon be known as the largest free member driven marketplace for pre-owned DVDs, CDs, and Games. So how does the process work?

How The Process Works

BarterBee visitors sign up for a free membership and search for the item they want and buy it without cash, without bidding, without hassles, and it arrives by mail. For now BarterBee is running a special where every free membership signup, per household, is accompanied with a free CD, DVD, or Game of your choice. Talk about friendly offers, and the selections are not bad either, in fact they are quite good.

The concept behind the idea is ideal for most people who are looking for new ways to exchange their old DVDs, CDs, or Games but do not feel like dealing with seller fees, buyer fees, or listing fees. However, the free 5 points will not get you far with DVDs or Games but you do have the option to take a free DVD, CD, or Game or buy more points. As far as free is concerned we should all know by now that nothing is free, in this case you have to pay BarterBee envelopes, but I believe this may be optional.

Check it out for yourself @ BarterBee.com - The Free Way to Get Movies, Music, and Games

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