Sweet Use of Business Cards (Blog Marketing Tip #8)

This is part of the ‘23 Blog Marketing Tips’ series.


What is the purpose of your blog site? What are the messages that you attempting to convey to your audience? How do you plan on increasing your readership? What is one thing that you can do 'Outside the box' to draw new readers to your blog site?

These are all questions that a blogger will eventually have to answer either in the beginning or once their blog site hits a plateau. So take these 23 blog marketing tips and run with them, make them unique and make them yours. Think of what your competitors are not doing and capitalize on their ignorance or fear. Just think of of a recent post that was highlighted on this blog yesterday, 'Why Blockbuster Will Never Surpass Netflix."

The use of Business Cards

Everyone today has a decent understanding of the "proper" use of business cards. Great! you want to keep communication open and available to those seeking to do business or stay in touch with you. People pay hundreds of dollars for these little neat pieces of delicate nicely print paper just so people will stay in touch and or hopefully do business with them.

I say take it another look at the use of business cards. They can do so much with so little effort. Ever hear of 'Pay it Forward?" Well, I don't believe in coincidence but i believe that people are where they are the right moment in time. Regardless if it's considered the wrong place at the right time or the right place at the wrong time, life is funny like that.

Getting to the Point

Just as business cards are used to keep in touch, turn your business cards into conversation starters or personal billboards. I have two sets of business cards, one set of professional cards for work purposes only and another set for straight marketing and advertising my online shops and sites.

I'll show you how to do this for free:

1. Go to VistaPrint and choose the 250 Business Cards option


2. Next Customize your cards in a format similar to this:


Make it yours, you want to convey a message of importance using as little words as possible explaining why they need your to visit your site(s). A simple message, 'Work From Home' or 'Make Money Online' will drive a clear message to the person discovering your card.

3. Sign in or create a new account and following the directions to complete your order.


Marketing Your Cards

There are a number of ways you can get rid of 250 free business cards. When I get a new batch i make it a game to see how fast and effective I can get rid of all 250 business cards. This will take some thought and effort on your part to 'effectively' distribute your business cards. I stress 'effectively' because if you wanted to get rid of 250 free business cards all you really have to do is just drop them on the ground as you walk to the store or from your car in the mall parking lot (not very effective).

Instead, get into the habit of taking a batch of business cards with you everywhere you go and leave them strategically in location in which people are sure to find them. I tend to travel a lot (seasonally) and i always have at least 150 business cards to leave behind inside airport phone booths, on the seats, at the desks, in first class, ect.

Think about strategic planting, and location. Don't hesitate to tell people what you do, 'I make money online for a living' this alone will catch the attention of the people around who will then begin to ask, 'how?' Now is the perfect time to plant a business card in their hands while explaining how you got started (without the secrets) just enough to ensure that they will take a peek at your site(s)

I took a trip out west to San Francisco, California for a convention and I probably left at least 100 business cards in random locations (restaurants, book stores, cafes, the airport, hotel lobbies, the hotel room for the cleaning ladies, the pub, ect.) and came home to $3500 profit from product sales from two of my online shops (fairly new shops), not including affiliate sales and click-throughs. The science is not complicated and yes you are taking a chance.

If your site is not equipped to grab the attention of your visitors then your efforts were possibly wasted. For online shops this process works great depending on the product you are offering. For blogs this too can work perfectly depending on your niche and the content that you provide, you want to keep your current readers and develop a base of new loyal readers.

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  1. Freddy Rodriguez 23 August 2007 at 7:28 pm Permalink

    Prior to this post, I had never considered distributing business cards for my blog. I would think that 95% of the people that I meet offline would have a difficult time understanding what it is I do.

    But then again, a business card just might entice to take a look and learn.

    Good Idea Jerkybeef

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