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How Dr. Seuss Can Change Your Life

30 Dr. Seuss Quotes That Can Change Your Life You would think that most children’s books are just that… Children’s Books, and little do you know that there is wisdom that can often be found inbetween the pages of YOUR very own favorite book as a child. It’s kind of funny that we often overlook […]

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14 May 2012 ~ 1 Comment

Living Today

“Today is a gift. Embrace it with joy and anticipation…realize the possibilities. It beckons you towards your destination in life. Be at peace – you are exactly where you are meant to be at this moment. God has carefully chosen the people, events, joys and challenges on your path today. The things you will encounter are stepping […]

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“In daily LIFE we must see that it is not HAPPINESS that makes us GRATEFUL, but GRATEFULNESS that makes us HAPPY.” – Brother David Steindl-Rast

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Day 2 – Gratitude

Today I’m grateful and thankful for the lessons that I have learned from all of the challenging, unfulfilling, and unrewarding relationships that I have experienced throughout the years, and that I still have time to get it right and experience fulfilling, rewarding, and reciprocal relationships.

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We often ask, why me? Neglecting to see the truth between the lines. This quote by Epictetus makes complete sense, even when talking to a friend or loved one who neglects to be understanding or supportive. I recently had a discussion (more like an argument) with my wife, who proceeded to ask me if something […]

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Sometimes in life we tend to look toward the issues or poor choices that we’ve made and determine that we are doomed to a fate of living out our lives suffering the consequences of our choices or the issues that we have allowed to overcome us. If this sounds like your situation, here is a […]

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08 May 2012 ~ 1 Comment

The Next Great Thing

Sometimes you have to destroy your life to let the next great thing happen. -David Morales

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