Technorati What?

The title of this post seems to say it all, in all honesty i'm a bit confused as to why this blogs technorati ranking has down nearly a 1k so we are now back at the low 10,000s taking us out of the top 10k blogs. This is garbage... Who do i talk to about this? Maybe there is an explanation that i missed because i certainly didn't get an email from Technorati and I'm not sure if there is a blog explaining why this is. I've read recently that other bloggers have seen the same happen to them within the last three weeks but still can't get an answer as to why.

Anyone have an answer as to why this is happening?


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  1. Cigar Jack 14 October 2007 at 3:55 pm Permalink

    Outside of the occasional Ego Boost I see no real use for Technorati, outside of bloggers who uses it?

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