The New Face of Social Bookmarking, Thoof

With our new series, ’23 Blog Marketing Tips,’ let me introduce you to the user generated personalized news and info service site known as Thoof.

This is another great way to promote your blog site and your news worthy articles by sharing your anchor articles with the Thoof community. If you are one of those that enjoy buttons and badges, the ThoofRank badge is up your alley.

The ThoofRank Badge

The ThoofRank Badge is a fair measurement badge that ranks the articles that you submit to according to interests within the community.

ThoofRank above 50% indicates that a story is of above average interest to those readers. When a story has just been submitted it will start out with a low ThoofRank, but this will increase as more people see it, so please be patient…

This is one great tool that seperates Thoof from other social bookmarking sites. The ThoofRank Badge gives your submitted articles a fair and reasonable chance to compete within the Thoof system. This means that your story has a great chance to hit the front pages of Thoof equaling good traffic to your site. Once you sign up and submit an article you will be taken to a page where you can obtain the ThoofRank Badge for your article and start recording the interest percentage.

The Thoof Story

The name Thoof originated back in the late 90s, as a joke there was a lawn care specialist who found himself bored with just trimming hedges and cutting weeds. So one day, inspired by “Edwards Scissorhands,” this specialist began to paint his masterpiece within the community and began trimming ‘THOOF!’ on the sides of hairy dogs and into random bushes. Needless to say his neighbor didn’t appreciate it when her dog ran away, but I believe when her dog arrived back at the door step sniffing around she was not very pleased to see the infamous ‘THOOF’ shaved on both sides of her dog.

Ever since then the specialist, Theodore ‘Thoof’ Tempernackle has retired his trimmers and clippers and an urban legend was born throughout the local neighborhoods. A story that parents tell their kids at night. "Don’t take care of your pup, and they’ll get Thoof’d!" And no-one ever really believes.

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