Thursday Feels Like Friday

So I've been working on a training and helping a client of mine develop a new business venture for the past few months and we are just now getting the wheels turning and starting to receive some good return so I may be heading to California for some time and then to the great southern state of Georgia (Go Bull Dogs).

At this moment i have no clue where the days will take me but bare with me as i'm on the closing edge of this contract and will be able to apply more time for some articles. At the moment JerkyBeef will be 'on call' as i like to say... but Blog Money will be here to keep you entertained...


18 shower heads that spray from head to toe in a synchronized dance of hot and cold, hard and soft. Each head, wrapped in a custom-made blue, handblown glass escutcheon. Worth $100k? The $100,000 Shower

If you have seen the Simpsons then this would be up your entrepreneurial alley. Not many people will view a city full of yellow people as a city of entrepreneurs. So for you Simpson lovers let me introduce you to the Spring Field entrepreneurs

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We will return to our regularly scheduled program shortly...

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