Turkey Jerky

Low in fat and calories, Turkey is a modern twist on a very old American tradition-tbat's jerky made of turkey. Early pioneers, borrowing from the culinary lore of native Indians, preserved thin slices of salted game by drying meat in the sun or by the campfire.

Currently, beef is the most familiar form of jerky, and recipes for many variations have appeared in Sunset. But in keeping with today's health-conscious attitudes, we take another step forward and make jerky with low-fat turkey.Compared to jerky made with beef flank steak (when both meats are trimmed of all fat), turkey-breast jerky has only about a sixth as much fat by weight and is about a third lower in calories (I oz. of turkey jerky has 8 8 calories). Its flavor is also milder, though not necessarily more delicate.

Start with a piece of boned, skinned turkey breast, or purchase the slender turkey fillets, called tenderloins, that lie parallel to the breastbone.


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