Under New Management

Ok... the Beef Jerky Blog is under new management... the funny thing is that we really didn't pay for the blog we just offered our services and it was given to us to manage. Of course there is something in it for the owner, talk about making money while you sleep and we have taken on the task of picking this blog site up and running with coal in hopes to make flames for a successful BBQ.

How's that for a nice summer time idea? Everybody loves BBQ and unless you live in Florida or in some parts of the south then the Spring/ Summer is the only time you can really 'REALLY' appreciate a good BBQ. I've digressed and gone somewhere else... Well it is the 3rd of July...

I won't bother you too much with all the general about me blah blah blah..., because time is blah and blah is life, but if we can deliver content that helps you make money or view the world in a better way then we are on the road to succeeding... See you around...

What we will be changing:
1. So far the site design will stay the same
2. The content will be within the range of the blogs most popular content, so far readers have appreciated the content so we decided not to dive too far from what is working best for the reader
3. Advertising packages will be re-added and cost effecient

So far that is about it... Thank you for your time...


One Response to “Under New Management”

  1. Regine 4 July 2008 at 2:15 am Permalink

    I visit your blog just several times. I am interesting to see the new look of this blog. I am sure after the construction this blog will rocketing. Good luck.

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