Contest Batch #6 — Want an iPhone, iPod Shuffle?


Mr. Gary Lee Wants to Give you an iPhone

With the arrival of the new Apple iPhone everyone is trying to come up with ways to drop their current cell phone coverage carrier in hopes of getting their hands on this baby. Well, stop racking your brain because the hard work is already done.

You see, now you have a chance to get a hold of a free iPhone, and a free online coupon that may help with your iPhone service provider, no joke. Just ask the internet marketing man himself, Mr. Gary Lee. With the launch of a new golf equipment project, can you think of a better way to get the word out?

Win a Free iPod ShuffleSo today i will give you two chances to win a free iPod Shuffle. This too is no joke, all you have to do is make a move, get up and get posting. So how is your productivity? Need a boost? visit Productivity501 and win an Apple iPod Shuffle.

So i've come to believe that maybe you are too productive, then you can win another iPod Shuffle and try your hand with Free business cards to promote your site... Now look at that, i just saved you a ridiculous amount of money hard work. Now go, get up and get out and get something...

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