Contest #3 – Win a 30GB Microsoft Zune

Microsoft ZuneOnce again i am introducing to you another contest, this time hosted by Ms. Danielle at her new blog site.

The '30GB Microsoft Zune Story' is pretty interesting indeed. In fact, it's pretty inspiring as Ms. Danielle won the Microsoft Zune from at another blogger's site, you may remember him from contest #2 'An Evil Blog Contest,' but the beautiful thing about this contest is that Ms. Danielle is giving it away as she received it. Meaning, she originally won this Zune and instead of keeping it or selling on a famous auction site, she has opted to give it up to someone willing to put forth the effort of entering the contest. Now ain't she just a saint?

Don't take my word for it read about the 30GB Microsoft Zune for yourself and if you feel compelled to enter then why not. You really don't have much to lose.

What if i win?

Now here is the interesting part, I may give it up as well or i may package it up and give it to a friend as gift. I'm an iPod person and my Nano is doing just great.

Microsoft Zune Specs
Retails @ $250
Stores 7,500 tracks, 25k pics, & 100 hours of video
Multiple Colors - Brown, White, Black, Pink
FM Radio built in
Wireless capabilities for more info about the Microsoft Zune: Check here

2 Responses to “Contest #3 – Win a 30GB Microsoft Zune”

  1. ms danielle 27 June 2007 at 10:06 am Permalink

    thanks for entering this contest 🙂 i love how all your adsense ads on this page are beef jerky related. i’m getting really hungry now. i love beef jerky! lol

  2. jerkybeef 27 June 2007 at 4:39 pm Permalink

    Beef Jerky always sounds good. Hey, it makes a great mid-day snack… So July 6th is the dead line huh? Cool beans…

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