Contest #4 — Choose, Creative Zen or Phillips GoGear

Now, although i have extended and added a new category dedicated to contests throughout the blogesphere, I am only listing contests that i feel will help improve the livelihood of my readers and their wallets :-)... Now the fun stuff...

Win a Free Creative Zen Stone or Philips GoGear

So i stumbled across a new contest hosted by ArsGeek, in which you can win one of two mass storage/ 1GB Creative Zen MP3 Players or a 512MB Phillips GoGear that holds 200 songs. Not a bad giveaway at all, especially when the entry to such a contest is so easy. If you are in need of an MP3 player then get your hands on one of these beauties by entering the ArsGeek contest today, where they allow you to free your inner geek.

What if I win?

Well, as i previously stated, I'm an Apple man myself and prefer the iPod to any MP3 player, but this is free... and i don't need it. What this means is that I will open up a contest of my own offering one of these beauties from ArsGeek shipped to The Beef Jerky Blog, shipped to my contest winner's front door. No if and or buts about it, this time it's just that simple. If I win this contest then a lucky reader will take it from my hands for their own private use. You can mark my words!

Creative Zen StoneCreative Zen Stone Specs (

  • Capacity: 1GB
  • Track Capacity: 33hrs (WMA)/ 16hrs (MP3)
  • Battery Life: 10hrs
  • Mass Storage

Philips 512MB MP3 PLayerPhilips 512MB GoGear (

  • Capacity: 512MB
  • Track Format: (WMA/ WAV/ MP3)
  • Battery Life: 8hrs
  • Mass Storage

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