WordPress 2.3 Beta Released

WordPress 2.3 Beta was released today and I'm somewhat excited to put to use the new features... well once it's officially released and out of beta. I have had my fair share of WP woes and to be honest am not interested in revisiting the problems of the past.

However, some of the new additions of WordPress 2.3 include but are not limited too:

plugin and core update notification, built-in tags support, faster javascript, and SEO-friendly URL redirection.

A word of caution, use this download as a method of testing WP 2.3, it is not recommended that you update your WP blog or site until the official 'out of beta' release. If you wish to make that change then i highly recommend that you back up 'EVERYTHING'


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  1. Zmoney 29 August 2007 at 10:11 pm Permalink

    thanks for the info wouldn’t have known f I hadn’t visited here.

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