How to Turn your Blog into a Paid Site Review Service

A few days ago i was searching for a way to earn some extra money via paid reviews without going through ReviewMe and other services such as PayPerPost. The reasoning behind this was because if you are a new blogger with a new site then it may take a while before they accept your blog into their services and or before you can take reviews worth more than $5.

After a little research and putzing around i came across the WordPress Bankroll plugin. The WordPress Bankroll allows you to fully customize your blog into a paid post service or an article submission service and with the use of another plugin you can even turn your blog into a rev share posting service serving up free content to your readers and increasing your blog traffic and stats. To see the plugin in action view the demo here

WordPress Plugin Features

* Powerful backend for integration with Paypal. Uses IPN to track payments.
* Offer blogger written posts, sponsor written posts, or allow free posts.
* Options to set max links per post, minimum word count, and cost.
* Ability to allow submission with Tags along with the post. Requires a Tag plugin to work.
* Allow featured posts. Featured posts cost extra and will receive a link to their post on the sidebar. Option to select how many to randomly display in your sidebar and an option to set the price.
* Admin option to set posting guidelines, a disclosure phrase at the end of each post, and the ability to select which of your blogs categories are open to submission.
* Extremely easy installation. Upload plugin folder, active plugin, and insert one line of code into your sidebar.

The WP Bankroll plugin is available in two versions, free and paid (single license & Unlimited license) and is very simple to install:

1. Upload the entire folder into your plugins folder.
2. Add if(function_exists('wp_bankroll_link')) wp_bankroll_link("Enter Text Here"); in your sidebar.php
Where enter your text here this will be the name of the link in your sidebar. So you can have "Sponsor A Post", "Submit A Post", or you can add <IMG> tag in there and it will use a graphic.
3. Activate the plugin - wp-bankroll.php
4. Configure setting under Options in Admin panel

For more indepth installation instructions feel free to checkout Aaron at the WP Bankroll Forums.



If you are using this plugin you may want to checkout the forums at the site as well. There is a special forum section where Aaron let's you advertise your bankroll link to other members to exchange links, posts, or make some money. I think this is a great plugin with a ton of potential. However, i think this plugin should be anything but free, or if it must be free then charge a few bucks, called 'donations.' I can't justify paying $20 - $50 USD for a plugin license unless I'm paying for a package of resources that will generate some sort of return on my investment. Maybe an ebook on how to 'effectively advertise your link,' or access to a high ranking directory, or cheap text link site where all license holders can advertise their links or a site of their choice. Again, I think this plugin has a ton of potential and with the right publicity and some scarcity i think the WP bankroll plugin could become a necessity. Especially with the bigger services slacking on payout amounts and timely payouts.

Your Thoughts and Experiences
I would like to hear from you... If you have any experience with the WordPress Bankroll Plugin or are currently using the plugin let me know how it is working out for you or if you are considering using the plugin then let us know how and what for.

How much would you pay for the WP Bankroll plugin? What Plugin would you like to see made specifically available for your blog?

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  1. Gerri 8 July 2007 at 12:50 am Permalink

    Is there a similar plugin for blogger?

  2. Jerky Beef 8 July 2007 at 2:42 am Permalink

    i’m not too sure… I would assume so… I’ll make an update post once i hear back…

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