WordPress Update?

So we have another WordPress update, shortly following the last update (WordPress 2.0.7) which was painless to ugrade to. However, The Beef Jerky Blog suffered for some time today with this new or new...er update. Well, let's check the stats and so on shall we... Yes! we shall...

Introducing WordPress 2.1 "Ella,"as stated atWordPress.org, named after famed jazz/ blues singer Ella Fitzgerald. This new version of WordPress comes packed with newer features and necessary updates encompassing over 550 bugs and fixes. More features include but are not limited to:

  • Psuedo-cron functionality let’s you schedule events much like cron.
  • Users admin can now comfortably handle hundreds of thousands of users.
  • The new WP_Error class cleans up how we do error reporting and handling.
  • The javascript loader makes it easier for plugins to include rich functionality.
  • Tons of new hooks and APIs.
  • We’ve started to fill out our code inline documentation.
  • Image and thumbnail API allows for richer media plugins.
  • Custom header, color picker, and image cropping framework.

What does this mean for WordPress... well, they encourage you to try it out and give a run for yourself... and guess what... We encourage you to do the same... so check it out here: WordPress 2.1 ELLA

Also introducing 1MillionAffiliates.com but that is soon to come with more details... so stay tuned!

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