Working with AuctionAds

Launched March 6th of this year by ShoeMoneyMedia Group, inc. and Mediawhiz Holdings, AuctionAds was birthed into the world adding a fresh breath and second life to the ebay affiliate program. As obvious as it sounds, this you really must experience for yourself. Taking a similar platform as Google Adsense, AuctionAds allows you, the affiliate, to take advantage of ebay's affiliate program without programming knowledge and also allows you to utilize the effectiveness of adding images to your ads (a practice prohibited by popular ppc programs).

How it Works

As explained on the site:

You first sign up to be an AuctionAds affiliate, insert the auctionads code on to your website, auction ads are placed on your site, and you make money.

The idea is very simple and the ads are very easy to install on your site. Once you sign up to AuctionAds, creating you ad code is very simple:

  1. Choose your keywords: "keyword 1"
  2. Choose your ad format (leaderboard, banner, large/ med./ small rectangle, skyscraper, ect.)
  3. Background, Heading, Text, Link, Border color
  4. Copy and paste your ad code on your site

The monetization concept is very easy to grasp. If you get into AuctionAds now you will earn 100% of the commissions earned. For more reasons to join AuctionAds you can read the post here (Reasons to make more money with AuctionAds).

AuctionAds Hacks/ Optimization/ Plugins

Plugins, Widgets, & Modules

Hacks & Optimization

  • To target a specific seller(s) and auctions:

To do a search on a seller’s items including a keyword, use:

auctionads_ad_kw = " dell";

To display random listings from ONLY a certain seller without any keywords, use:

auctionads_ad_kw = "";

  • To rotate keywords within the same ad unit:

auctionads_ad_kw = "keyword 1; keyword 2; keyword 3";

Use a ';' between keywords in order to rotate your keywords within your sites ad unit to make more money.

  • Optimizing auction prices to make more money:

minprice:___ or maxprice:___ after your keyword of choice in order to grab items above a certain price or under a certain price.


auctionads_ad_kw = "DVDs minprice:50"; > will generate all items above $50
auctionads_ad_kw = "DVDs maxprice:50";> will generate all items under $50

Looking to optimize your AuctionAds ad units? Then re-read this post... Looking to make more money online? Then try AuctionAds

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  1. James Mann 30 August 2007 at 7:37 am Permalink

    Thanks for the great AuctionAds post. I had given up on AuctionAds because they just didn’t seem to match the content on my blog.

    You suggestions should help and make sense, so I will give AuctionAds another go.

    Thanks again.

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