You Need A Poofbags Button, “Sour Apple?”

New apparel and accessories added at and will be blogged here so you should check them out...

I call this the item of the week, or better yet, of last week... I managed to sell at least 20 of these buttons. Ideally they were created for the "Sneezers" but became pretty popular amongst customers, I have been told. No arguement here... I sport one everywhere I go and most people I work with sport them on bags and hats... hats? Yes hats...

I added the image here so people could take a peek and possibly grab one for themselves. Why talk about it if it isn't making moves. Well I would say keep an eye out at for more stuff that they have coming soon. If it's worth talking about then believe that i will be talking about it.

Incase you were forgotten about, I know they are still seeking "Sneezers," if you're interested check them out at Myspace or better yet just meet them here... I'll be glad to hear from ya too... and I know they will work with ya if it comes to that... if you are looking for someone to help with promotional items I'm sure they can do that too... They hooked us up with a few promotional items before x-mas for my place of employment. Talk about a big hit. As it was told to me on more than one occasion... "The chairs are the BOMB!" They've helped just a few organizations with their promotional items and are willing to help more... in fact I suggest if it's what you are looking for, they want to help you...

Every once and a while they will have a big contest or blow out sale! So don't sleep, but you can catch them here

For more merch, check'em out @

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